Support Our Teachers

Education is the bedrock of our future here in Maryland. The values we instill at our Maryland institutions necessarily become the potential our great State aspires towards in the future. As a father of three children in public school I have seen ...

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Environmental Sustainability

The Eastern Shore is a beautiful place to live, work, and play. We have a peaceful heritage built upon the industries of agriculture, aquaculture, and tourism. Our region of Maryland is, in fact, an ideal refuge from urban life. It is always in ou...

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Encourage Civic Engagement

What brought me to the desire to serve in Annapolis was an unfortunate series of events that befell my family business. In that process I understood that there are good leaders and respected members of both political parties. Without redressing ou...

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Protect The 2nd Amendment

The right to bear arms has been infringed by the State of Maryland. We must work diligently to roll back unconstitutional Law that violates basic privileges afforded to the free citizens of the United States. I will advocate for clear and unambigu...

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With your help we can all change Maryland for the better

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