Encourage Civic Engagement

What brought me to the desire to serve in Annapolis was an unfortunate series of events that befell my family business. In that process I understood that there are good leaders and respected members of both political parties. Without redressing our Government it is hard to tell where our business would be today. But the fact of that matter is that I did go to Annapolis to appeal to Democrats and Republicans, conservatives and liberals. I went there with the support of my peers as well as support from trade groups, associations, and lobbyists.

I approached my concerns with respect and admiration for the process and our elected officials and because of that, I walked away from Annapolis far richer that how I walked in. Not in dollars and cents, but rich with the experience of knowing that Annapolis does work for the citizens of this great state. It was confusing at first, but I now believe that all politician are in Annapolis with the same general goal in mind. The path to that goal, however, is much different. That is where my anger and frustration with Annapolis began and why I chose to run for elected office. I would have liked to have seen more people with a business sense making law in Annapolis. Had this been the case I believe our business would not have been targeted in such a heavy handed manner.

That is what I mean when I say there is more than one path to a goal. For me that path is understanding our constituents and how their concerns closely compare to the experiences we have faced. It does not take a lawyer to be a legislator. It does take common sense, and a strong will to be a part of the solution and not a complainer. In my heart I know that success will mean strong advocacy and the ability to explain my position in as unassailable fashion as possible.

I will be an advocate for the citizens of the Eastern Shore and our way of life. My hope is to encourage more people to consider elected office that might not otherwise consider such a venture. Elected office is not a career decision, it is an important part of what it means to serve our great State of Maryland. 

MDGOP Candidate