Protecting Our Eastern Shore Culture

I have been enjoying some beautiful days recently meeting good folks on the Eastern Shore!

The Eastern Shore has always been about the balance between our rural way of life and protecting our environment.

I spoke with many people over the past week including watermen and an insurance broker in District 37-B. There is a real and palatable anger towards Annapolis. We can all understand the frustration. Our politics are well out of balance. We as citizens now know the future of farmers,  watermen, and our Eastern Shore communities are at stake.

There is no better time than now for true fiscal conservatism. Our people want proactive leaders who understand the limits to governments according to the Constitution. As well as who understand the desire of free and law abiding citizens to left alone.

My aim is to fight for that change in Annapolis.

Enjoy the pictures!




Reducing The Regulation Burden


For those that don't know I had my first Legislative experience in Annapolis in defense of our company a few years ago. I have since endeavored to return many times to proactively engage Maryland's Department of Labor, Licensing, and Regulation as well as testifying in Committee on Bills of significance to business. 

Last week I got to spend another interesting and productive day in the General Assembly. My day included testifying in the House Health and Government Operations Committee. I met many great politicians including our House Minority Leader Nic Kipke.



I testified on House Bill 166 regarding regulatory reform at the invitation of the bill's sponsor, Delegate Sam Arora. I was on the panel with the Maryland Homebuilders Association and National Federation of Independent Business. My testimony was on behalf of the Maryland and Northern Virginia Floor Covering Association and as President of our family's small business, Value Carpet One.


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Minimum Wage Increases Are Low Hanging Fruit When Real Hiring Solutions Are Needed


The 2014 Maryland General Assembly is  widely expected to  consider some form of  an increase in  the State’s minimum wage. Currently set at $7.25 per hour, Maryland ranks 20th out of 50  states and the District of Columbia. Proponents of the change will be looking for anywhere from $10.00 per hour up to $16.00 plus per hour. There is at least one  Gubernatorial Candidate strongly advocating for $16.00 per hour.  In addition, there is consideration for tying the minimum wage  to an inflation adjusted  index.  This will end any future debate over the timing and the suitability of  minimum wage  increases.


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Veterans Day

I am moved by the life that many of our citizens lead in military service to our country. The sacrifice they and their families make to keep our country safe from harm is to be commended and respected every day in America. Veterans Day is their day however, and in that, we pay special tribute to our protectors. For this day I thank you; we all thank you.

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